Welcome to The General Sweetness! I recently graduated from a Boston-area university, and am starting my new life back at home in suburban Massachusetts. After four years of studying psychology, I realized how much of our health (both mental and physical) is in our own hands…and our mouths! There is no doubt that mental illness can be serious, and sometimes professional help and medicine is necessary. But for many people, the key to leading a healthy and happy life is actually a matter of lifestyle.

The name of this blog, The General Sweetness, comes from a beautiful quote by Henry David Thoreau:

“Behave so the general aroma of your actions enhances the general sweetness of the atmosphere.”

This is concept with which I plan to inspire my life, appreciating the value of the simple things, and hoping to bring things into a better state than which I found it.

This blog is dedicated to one family’s effort to eat healthier, live more meaningfully, and enjoy the general sweetness of life. I invite you to follow us on our journey to health and happiness, and hope for a better tomorrow!

Your Truly,

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