November: Books and Bruises

“Would it be possible for you to not type for a while?”

My brother-in-law asked me this absurd question this weekend after examining my wrist. He is a doctor so when I told him that for the past week I had sharp shooting that my wrist and fingers, he immediately strapped a brace on my arm and told me to lay off the typing.

Apparently I have a strained ligament in my right hand. What a perfect thing for a writing and cooking enthusiast! Limited use of their hands!


But before I temporarily hang up the blogging towel, let me leave you with the November reading list! (A bit late, I know. But at least now we all know why).

1. Cooked, by Michael Pollan
November to me only means one thing: Thanksgiving! It is by far my favorite holiday of the year. Delicious food, football, and family. In my family, each of the aunts brings something new to the table. One aunt brings flaky spinach puffs and spicy cranberry sauce, each infused with her Middle Eastern heritage. Another uses her Italian upbringing to make indulgent pumpkin cheesecake and buttery baked stuffing with sausage. All these traditions and histories come together in the kitchen, and in Cooked, Pollan discusses the importance that cooking and eating together has now, as well as the role in played in allowing societies to form and evolve.

2. Othello, by William Shakespeare
November is a very tumultuous month. Political elections draw battle lines in many cities, and the weather is happy to mimic that sentiment. Some days are bitter cold with icy wind ripping the leaves from the trees; others are warm and clear, with sunlight brightening every color in the lingering fall leaves. There is endless ebb and flow ever present in the natural world. In much the same way, Othello explores the duality of the human mind.

Happy Reading! Hopefully next month I will be allowed to type with two hands without wincing…

But in the mean time… goodbye yoga mat, hello bookshelf!


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