Adventures in Cold Cooking

This summer was particularly uninspiring when it came to the kitchen. The warm weather drew me outdoors at every possible chance, and when the mood to mix and chop and saute over a hot stove in August did strike me (however rarely) my mother would give me a look as I reached for the oven timer which quite plainly said “Don’t you dare put that on in this heat!”

And since hearing the word “No” come out of your mother’s mouth is the ultimate inspiration…the cooking Muse arrived thus!

No, I didn’t crank up the oven and roast my entire family. Instead, I discovered the wonderful world of “cold cooking”. My culinary career so far, though it hasn’t left my house, has been based in the use of the oven and the stove. Up until recently, I usually thought of “cooking” as a process that was irrevocably tied to heat, and therefore would not consider even my most unusual cold creations to be Cuisine by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s ironic, seeing how some of my favorite foods are “cooked” sans heat, like Bruschetta, Hummus, and of course a good ol’ bowl of cereal and milk. But warm food has always had the advantage of being, well…warm. Honestly, is there anything more delicious that melted cheese? or melted chocolate? or hot steamy soup or casseroles? I didn’t used to think so. But now that I have fresh herbs and veggies from my garden, I am definitely seeing the sunny side of cold cooking.

This page will chronicle my exploration into the uncharted cold waters of heatless, flameless, ovenless, smokeless cooking. Topics included will be:

1. Open-Face Sandwiches
2. Bruschetta
3. Salads
4. Fruit
5. Chocolate (of course)



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