Freedom and Faith

The air is buzzing here in Boston. At around 6:55pm this evening, the local news announced breaking news that they may have found Suspect #2 from the Boston Marathon Bombings. Three hours later, the suspect is finally in custody, alive.


Today has been a truly unnerving day for all of us here in the Hub. We’ve had the news on all day, kept our doors locked, our eyes open, and our fists clenched. There is a lot of fear, but there is also a lot of hatred. People want answers, especially the families of the victims. Police are hungry for justice after one of their own was coldly murdered last night. Among all this, I am reminded of a poignant quote by one of history’s greats:

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” -Jean-Paul Sartre

Yes, we want the full hammer of justice to be brought down on this individual and any affiliates he may have. Yes, we want (if it’s even possible) for this individual to suffer the way his victims did. Yes, we want revenge for those killed and closure for the injured. But it is imperative that we maintain our humanity. We must not reduce ourselves to the level of terrorists. These are people who believe US to be the barbarians, and see our way of life, our freedom, as a cause for violence. We must not prove them right.

We must not lower ourselves to the inferiority and immorality of these villains. We must, as Sartre says, prove our Freedom and prove our humanity by responding with grace under pressure, faith in our country, and good in our hearts. Harming this terrorist as he more than deserves, would only prove to him that we are the animals he believes us to be.

As Boston and the United States recovers from these tragedies and moves forward, and as we learn more about why this happened (if there is any reason at all), we must represent to the world our freedom in the full beauty we know it possesses. We do not cower in fear, and we do not lower ourselves to violence as these monsters do.

Wear your freedom proudly, America. For Boston and for Freedom.