Seasonal Cooking

*****COMING SOON*****

Seasonal and local cooking has become quite a movement lately, and I love it! As good as it is for the environment and local businesses, it’s also good for your wallet (seriously, have you seen have expensive blueberries are in January? Not even worth it.)

I am fortunate enough to live in a region of the world where all four season are represented (albeit, winter dominates a little). As such, I can’t help but crave certain foods as the calendar pages get flipped. Now with September underway, we are about to enter my favorite of the seasons: Autumn! The colors, the football, the cool crisp air…and my favorite of all the holidays: Thanksgiving. I am over the sweetness of watermelon and lobster rolls, and instead and craving spiced pumpkin everything.

This is a page for my dabbling in season cooking: from tailgate ideas, to cozy winter soups, to bright summer salads. I will try to use as locally purchased ingredients as I can find, making them good for the belly, the soul, and the local farms.

I hope you enjoy!


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